What I have admired in her is the meditative mood she assumes while playing the violin revealing that she is going it with obvious relish. She wants to experiment also on a new type of classically oriented fusion music between Carnatic and Hindustani styles – Subbudu.


Through what is called the ‘Parur–MSG’ style, Narmadha rose to the occasion, bringing out well the sahitya bhava or poetic content of the songs on Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti. Narmadha’s skills on the violin, especially the bowing technique, and the consequent tonal richness, contributed to her success in this thematic concert. – The Hindu.


Raaga Todi was presented in depth, soaked with Raaga Bhava, each phrase directly appealing to the heart of the rasika. Her aesthetic touch was further enhanced by the masterful strokes of her sweet and smooth bowing which added a rich timbre to the musical effect of her skilled presentation – C.M. Rana, Deccan Chronicle.


Narmadha showed that she is a rich spring of manodharma as she applied her mind to cultivate thoughts on the two Indian musical systems and presented them with equal facility – The Hindu.


Not a single movement did she resort to any gimmick or histrionics that are of late adopted by even upcoming artistes as USPs to please the audience – but Dr. Narmada played all item in a very traditional style which she has imbibed well from her father and Guru Violin maestro Shri M. S. Gopalakrishnan. – Lakshman Sundar, New Bombay.


The versatility of Narmadha’s artistry is evident in this compact disc. The emphasis which her school lays on producing a strong and pleasing tonal quality is evident from Narmadha’s bowing and fingering techniques. Dr. M. Narmadha’s violin solo transported listeners to a world of melodic excellence. She adopts strikingly different postures, depending on the nature of the given venue and audience.  – The Hindu.


M. Narmadha, a very versatile artist, is able to offer Hindustani music of a high quality without traces of the Carnatic system – The Hindu. (CD Review of ‘Strings of Melody’)

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